Roswell, Georgia: PaveItBlue will host a block party at Alive After 5 in Roswell on May 18th from 5-10PM. We will be stationed at 1124 Canton Street with campaign material as well as campaign neutral volunteers registering voters and offering mail-in ballot applications. Our Dinos for Democracy will be there in full T-Rex getup, and we will have a giant inflatable blue slide for the kids. This will also correspond with the debut of the new GOTV Ossoff Bus that will be cruising up and down Canton Street all night filled with supporters! Let’s Get Out The Vote while Making America FUN Again.

Lesley Bauer, Director of Activism/Co-Founder of PaveItBlue, has said, “The women of PaveItBlue are long time members of this community. We are not paid – we’re your neighbors — and we’re committed to making positive change. This is a great opportunity for us to connect with more members of our district, and grow the conversation at the ground level.”

Jen Cox, Director of Communications/Co-Founder of PaveItBlue, noted, “This new kind of activism is taking the place of other social activities for a lot of women. They are swapping in canvassing with friends instead of grabbing lunch or meeting for a spa treatment. It has become a lifestyle.”

Tamara Stevens, Visibility Chair, recently said, “For too long, we’ve stayed hidden. We felt surrounded by Republicans so we didn’t speak out about our values. But now we know there are a lot of progressives in our area. We aren’t alone. And we need our neighbors and businesses and local leaders to recognize we live among them. We aren’t “parachuting in” from other places to protest policies we disagree with or to support Jon Ossoff. We are a force to be reckoned with and on Thursday night, we are gonna have a great time together Making America Fun Again!”

View the full press release here: PIB press release Roswell event