On Monday, April 22, PaveItBlue hosted a candidate forum focusing on healthcare issues nationally, statewide and locally. This is a panel-style event where we ask the panelists questions about the healthcare environment nationally, statewide and locally and how we can help advocate for healthcare issues. 

6th US Congressional District candidate, Bobby Kaple (www.www.bobbykaple.com), spoke on the panel from his own personal experiences both living within and providing healthcare in Georgia.

We also hosted some incredible candidates with healthcare backgrounds:

– Cindy Zeldin, Candidate for Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner (www.cindyforgeorgia.com) – Cindy shared her knowledge about the insurance industry in Georgia and how you, as activists, can learn and advocate for insurance issues.

– Ellyn Jeager, Candidate for GA’s State Senate Seat 56 (www.ellynjeager4ga.com) – Ellyn has an extensive background in mental health and shared about the mental health system in GA and how you can advocate for those issues in Georgia.

– Mary Robichaux, Candidate for GA’s State House Seat 48 (www.electmaryrobichaux.com) – For 35+ years, Mary has helped lead healthcare organizations in efficiency and effectiveness and shared about the ins and outs of our hospital systems in Georgia.

– Luisa Wakeman, Candidate for GA’s State House Seat 43 (www.electluisa.com) – Luisa spent years as a Registered Nurse and can share her experiences in the system from a practitioner’s standpoint and shared what it looks like on the inside.